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EmiSWAP, The Future of DEXs

2020 was a good year for the DeFi sector as several platforms saw an increased interest from traders and users. As these platforms offered new liquidity options for traders and helped them earn more profit, there was a sudden flow of income, resulting in more DEXs opening up to capitalize …

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Privacy Protection: The Future of DeFi

On April 22, MakerDAO, known as the DeFi world’s ‘central bank’, in partnership with the financial supply chain project Centrifuge, completed the first real-world asset loan in DeFi (decentralized finance). Centrifuge helped New Silver, a loan pool to set up a real estate repayment and transfer loan pool in its …

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Why Bitcoin Could Be The Key For The Future Of Clean Energy

Much has been said lately about Bitcoin’s impact on the environment. Mainstream media has been especially keen on declaring BTC’s consensus mechanism (Proof-of-Work) a potential danger for the future of the planet. A White paper published by Square and ARK Invest, as part of “The Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative”, makes …

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