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A Crypto Trading Revolution Is Coming; Cryptonovae Sets Out to Reshape Market Through All-Inclusive Ecosystem

Despite its unrivalled growth and sheer potential held over the future of finance, the cryptocurrency market is yet to catch up to traditional trading solutions, leaving thousands of retail and institutional traders scratching their heads when navigating today’s trading platforms.  While most cryptocurrency exchanges effortlessly permit the purchase and sale …

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Polkadot (DOT) to Introduce Bridges to Connect Blockchain Networks in Its Ecosystem

The Polkadot (DOT) project sets to integrate bridges to connect blockchain networks within its ecosystem. Parity Technologies and Web3 foundation are the head developers of the project’s plans.  Achieving Decentralization and Interoperability According to the Polkadot team, the highly anticipated internet generation Web 3.0 will drive the internet to adopt …

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Paid Network Partners with PARSIQ to Foster Ecosystem Development

Paid Network has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain software platform PARSIQ to foster its ecosystem development.  Accelerating Blockchain Development With Synergistic Partnership The synergistic partnership continues previous collaboration with PARSIQ, which provided additional expertise to plan and execute the PAID V2 launch. PARSIQ also offered data mining capabilities and …

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