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BINANCE : Episode #5: Our 2020 Bnb Plans REVEALED



Episode FIVE! This is a big one because we’re revealing our 2020 bnb plans! As many of you know, we each have a Nashville bnb (you can rent them or just see photos here!) and in 2020, we will each be sharing our new Florida bnbs. They are near Magic Kingdom/Universal, etc., and they are each THEMED … you’ll have to listen to the episode for more details!

Show notes:

Here’s Emma’s husband, Trey, on their first day in their Florida bnb.


And here is Emma in her current furniture assembly hell …

BINANCE : Go Emma!!! I CANNOT wait to see her house! We are both going to be in Florida all week this week, so we’ll share some on IG stories!

First of all, I had a drinking game idea when I was listening to the final draft of this episode. Take a drink every time I say “honestly” because it is honestly way too many times. Haha, oops!

A few of Emma’s favorite Harry Potter purchases …

This sign for an entryway project.

This bean bag chair.

This wall tapestry has the best Professor Trelawney vibes.

And a few of Elsie’s favorite Disney purchases!

I love this Disney snacks print, this poster for my Mary Poppins room, and this one, and this piece for my Alice In Wonderland room. Having SOO much fun! If you have any special Disney art or decor, I’d LOVE to see a link in the comments.

Giant Jenga DIY

-Are you interested in hearing about the biz side of running an Airbnb? if so, we’d love to hear your questions. You can leave us a comment or email us at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com (you can also email us ANY questions for the podcast—we love doing reader questions!)

-If you’re curious to hear more about our thoughts on short-term rentals, you can read them here.

-Here’s a link to David’s Tea (the best of the best!!!)

-Elsie’s grandpa’s popcorn recipe:

Fill the bottom of a large stock pan with canola oil, cover about half the bottom of the pan’s surface with popcorn (one single layer of kernels). I add a bit of butter too (however much you’d typically melt for popcorn), add some salt and just a few sprinkles of black pepper. Heat the pot. When the first kernel pops, cover the pot. Keep covered until the popping begins to slow down. Then remove from heat, make sure it’s mixed well, and serve!

Yasso cookie dough bars.

Love you all!!! XOXO! Elsie + Emma

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